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Here is a list of sources and items of Sicilian and Polish ingredients mentioned in these recipes. Please read the disclosure about the products listed as they are linked to my Amazon Affiliates account. If you like what you’ve read on the site, please consider supporting this work with a purchase.

Gustiamo – Sold from Brooklyn/made in Italy, Sicilian flours, tuna, capers, and salt.

Papa Vince – Farm Fresh Foods from Sicily, olive oil, tomato sauce, and busiate pasta.

Papa Vince Italian Tomato Sauce No Sugar – Added, Low Acid | from Sicily, made with vine-ripened tomatoes handpicked at the peak of freshness

Papa Vince Pasta High Fiber Sugar Free – Non GMO, Whole Grain made with Tumminia, an ancient wheat from Sicily, Italy

Papa Vince Harvested Sea Salt from Trapani Sicily – NOT CHEMICALLY PROCESSED. Mild flavor, moist & fine texture | Solar-evaporated, all-natural, unrefined & additive-free

Papa Vince Set – from artisans in Sicily, Italy. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Moscato Balsamic Vinegar, Ancient Grain Tumminia Pasta, Cherry Tomato Sauce, Trapani Sea Salt

Papa Vince Balsamic Vinegar Red Wine Moscato – with hints of Figs, Raspberry & Homemade Wine aged 8-years in Cabot & Chestnut wood in small batches

Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin – First Cold Pressed, Family Harvest Single Sourced from Sicily

Sicily: The Cookbook: Recipes Rooted in Traditions – by Melissa Muller. 

Ragusano cheese – Ragusano is an ancient cheese made in the Sicilian countryside where they still use age-old techniques and traditional wood and copper tools.

Coming Home to Sicily: Seasonal Harvests and Cooking from Case Vecchie by Fabrizia Lanza

Pastry and Pasta Cutter Wheel by Ghidini – 1.5″ Diameter

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro – Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Easy Lock Dial and Wood Grip Handle