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“Pacific oysters reflect the taste of the waters in which they are grown. Pondering this phenomenon, Rowley and I coined the term ‘merroir,’ after the French ‘terroir,’ which describes the way certain foods and wine grapes bear the delectable flavors of their home soil.” Citation.

Merroir is a “tasting room” in Topping, Virginia. Small-plate-style, raw or cooked on an outdoor grill, and a great beer and wine list.

I can’t remember where we heard about Merroir. I think it was on a Mind of the Chef episode with Sean Brock. The Rappahannock Oyster Co. supplies oysters to all of his restaurants; they also own Merroir. The first thing to note about the location is how peaceful it is. On a beautiful day, you can sit on the water and enjoy some great views with your tasty treats.

The oysters are a must-order. There are different options you can order daily. The cheese board was also delicious. It came with pimento cheese – apparently an area specialty.

Merroir is definitely worth the visit if you are in the area.