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While in Cincinnati, Ohio for my graduation, my husband and I took a short ride over to Hyde Park, a cute neighborhood with boutique shops and cute restaurants. We went originally to check out Delamere & Hopkins, a fly fishing shop jam-packed with some serious gear and a great selection of Patagonia, Barbour, and Woolrich. Across the street, we spotted a specialty shop. I admit, we almost didn’t go in because of my fear of being the only people stuck in a small shop, but I am so glad I overcame my fear to experience this treasure. I walked in and was in heaven. The shelves are stocked with specialty Italian goods. There were sections for pasta, sauce, cheese, and cookies. There was a whole section filled with specialty grains and another featuring port wine. I only left with a few things: pesto, chocolate, port, grains and amaretto cookies, but could have spent my life savings in this store. If you are ever in the area and are a foodie, this is a must-stop!