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Thinking of taking a trip to Madrid? Oh, we highly recommend it. Though we only spent a few days in this beautiful city, there was so much to discover.

Little Bars with Bar Snacks and Delicious Food

Bars, bars everywhere. Beer is the new OJ- don’t be surprised to see folks drinking it in the AM. Every bar serves bar snacks- little nuts or chips. If they don’t, you walked into a tourist trap and you should leave. Most also serve delicious food like pork belly and sauteed beef in little terracotta cazuelas. Do not discount any of this bar food- it may not be a five-star restaurant, but it is amazing!


I think what makes Madrid bookshops cool is that they are creatively built. They are not like the Barnes and Nobles one-floor warehouse structures we see here in the U.S. Madrid’s an old city, and so these bookshops had to come up with really creative ways to build the bookshelves into old structures. You may even find moveable shelves like the ones below,

Hotel Rooftops

Nearly every hotel we stayed in allowed for unsupervised access to the rooftops. Some of them featured little bars, where you could buy a few beers and bar snacks. Usually, my hubby and I would come back from dinner and enjoy some drinks under the stars and over the bustling streets below.

Cool Spaces

Most of these buildings are pretty old and they feature some really neat architecture. If you stay in a Madrid hotel, you are likely to find some really neat spaces right in your hotel, like the ones below.

Plazas with People

Gorgeous plazas… something Europeans love, and apparently American city designers hate. Plazas in Madrid are filled with stores, statues, restaurants, performers, street food, pickpockets… you name it. And because Spaniards have a different living schedule, you are likely to find people– a lot of people, in these plazas at nearly all hours of the day.


Ahh jamon- so delicious. You pretty much won’t turn a corner in this city without running into a jamon shop. You can’t miss them with the giant pig legs hanging in the windows. They usually are serving bocadillos, a small baguette sandwich with olive oil and jamon- maybe a little cheese. If you like meat, you will probably love these sandwiches. They are unlike any bread, cheese or meat you have had in the states- so simple, yet so amazing!

Have you traveled to Madrid? What were your favorite finds in this beautiful, fun city?