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Recently, my husband and I traveled by train to see Glacier National Park. I can’t say I recommend traveling by Amtrak, but our overall experience in Glacier was wonderful. We stayed in two different lodges and explored the areas around those lodges.

Glacier Park Lodge

The first lodge we stayed in was Glacier Park Lodge near East Glacier Village. The Amtrak train lets people off a short walk away from the lodge. The lobby is an amazing site and yes, those trees are real! The lobby features a giant fire place and have many doorways to venture outside and sit on one of the porches. The site from the back of the hotel is spectacular! We stayed in two different rooms- both nearly identical. The floors are wood, the beds are simple. If you are afraid of ghosts, don’t stay on the 3rd floor. We had an interesting scream one night that everyone else in the hallway heard.

We ate in the hotel both times we stayed and the food was exceptional.The first night we arrived, our dinner was out of this world. My husband ordered a stuffed chicken special and I ordered the butternut squash ravioli. Both we to die for- like, we nearly licked these giant plates of food clean. The second night we stayed, we sat at the bar and I ordered the elk brat and my husband ordered the veal schnitzel- both were delicious! Both times we stayed, we ordered the huckleberry bread pudding. It was amazing!

There are a few of restaurants in town (and by town, I mean two shops and two restaurants) and down the street. Well, huckleberry is a bit of a thing in Montana- in fact, you can’t walk an inch without seeing a huckleberry something – coffee, peanuts, pie… One afternoon, we ate lunch at The Whistle Pig, a small diner down the street from the Lodge. The homemade chicken dumpling soup was delicious and warmed us up from the cold and snowy weather outside (in September!). We ordered a few beers to enjoy before our meal. Notice the photo below— huckleberry beer!

St. Mary Lodge

For two nights we stayed at St. Mary Lodge, about an hour from Glacier Park Lodge. The views around St. Mary are spectacular. St. Mary Lodge is located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The Blackfeet Nation is one of the 10 largest tribes in the United States. We learned a bit about the tribe during our 2 day stay.

We loved the bar/lounge with fireplace. They have a great bar menu, but we ended up ordering the charcuterie board both nights, because it was that good! We ordered both drinks and beers at the bar before dinner, too. A great drink and beer selection.

We had breakfast and dinner in the dining room. The food was excellent all the times we ate. I highly recommend the flat bread totastas for breakfast, but my hubby would probably recommend the french toast. Dinner was good both nights, as well. I had pasta one night and bison salad- both good.

Most of all, we loved being down the road from a trail or two. Red Eagle is an easy hike, but we didn’t even make it half way both times. The first time, we were too busy taking pictures.  The second time, it was pouring and then it started to snow. We were soaked- but who cares where you have views like this to look at.

We hope to visit Montana again, at some point. Perhaps it was just being on vacation, but we were so at peace there. It’s hard not to feel this way with such amazing views around you.