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When I was younger, I would stay long weekends at my aunt and uncle’s. They had no children of their own. So, besides being spoiled rotten, it was also a great way to get away from my screaming siblings, who were much younger than I was. My uncle was a jeweler, and I would spend the day with him at the giant indoor Flea Market. He had a permanent stand. I was free to explore this bizarre place. There was the ‘Harley’ section- floor to ceiling leather pants, leather jackets, leather vests, leather everything. There was the food area with popping popcorn, cotton candy, and waffles. There was the lumber corner, where every inch seemed to be covered in oak. There was also the mirror shop- a large stand with etched pictures of things like wolves and dolphins on sets of mirrors. Then, there was one special shop I really liked- a ceramics shop across from my uncle’s stand. Usually, I would pick out a piece to paint that day. My favorite part of the shop was one particular wall full of shelves of crystals. At the time I had no idea what they were for, I just thought they were really pretty. I loved to pick up each one and examine it. The one time I worked up enough courage to make a purchase. I thought the price was a great deal so I carried the jar over to counter. To my dismay, the lady opened the jar and took one out. I paid her my money pretending I knew all along the cost was only for ONE of the crystals, but boy was I embarrassed on the inside.

Today, I know that crystals and stones are said to carry properties. Getting more into Ayurveda helped to convince me to give this more consideration. There are definitely some chakras that need some assistance in my life. I was told that my root chakra is crazy ignored, probably because I spend so much time on the computer. At the same time, I was told that I had a large third eye chakra and should continue to develop it. It is always my crown chakra that I am trying to keep in good health- how would I finish my dissertation without it? (Take note of the stones above in the photo: amethyst, lepidolite, and quartz.)

Who knows if this is true, really, but I was willing to give it a try. Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like everything is against you? Yeah, me too. Black Tourmaline is such a stone that offers protection and brings good luck. So, I picked up this bracelet from New Moon Beginnings on Etsy. Other stones on the bracelet are supposed to raise self-esteem (rose quartz), encourage spiritual awakening (amethyst), and stimulating wisdom (lapis lazuli). This isn’t my first bracelet from New Moon Beginnings. I purchased this healing bracelet last year because it has stones that also cater to brain power: quartz and lapis lazuli. I love the brain power bracelet; yes I have great luck with communicating and getting things accomplished when I wear it. Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe not. I still try not to leave home without it on the days that I teach.

Before venturing into the world of stone and crystal bracelets, I wandered into a holistic store that sold whole crystals and stones. I bought a piece of quartz to help clear the hotel room I was about to stay in of negative energy (I can never sleep in hotel rooms!) and a piece of selenite to help with mental clarity and school work. Quartz is also said to raise the power of any stone in its presence (and clear stones of negative energy). It is strange to say, but I definitely feel a difference working in the presence of these stones, more than in other location in the house. Coincidence? Maybe.

Stones and crystals are just something that I’m trying. Have you every tried crystals and stones? If so, what are your favorites and what do you use them for? How do you use them?