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Simple Passata Tomato Sauce
  • 3cloves garlicchopped
  • 3tbsp. olive oil
  • 24 oz. passata
  • 24 oz. water
  • 1pinch salt
  • 10leaves basil
  1. Saute onions in oil until clear and slightly soft. About 5 minutes.
  2. Add garlic and saute another 10 seconds, until fragrant.
  3. Add passata and water to the pot and bring to a boil.
  4. Reduce heat to simmer and stir in salt and 5 basil leaves.
  5. Simmer for one hour, stirring every 10 minutes with a wooden spoon. It will reduce in volume by half.
  6. Add more fresh basil leaves when the sauce is ready.
Recipe Notes
  • I topped fresh ravioli with this sauce, but it is also great tossed with spaghetti and sprinkled with grated aged cheese.
  • Melissa Muller recommends pulp or passata made by Vantia, Cento, or La Valle. Buffalo, NY grocery stores carry Cento, for sure.
  • You can also make your own tomato pulp from organic and full ripe tomatoes.
  • This isn’t my typical Sunday Sauce. For that, click here. 

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