My great-grandmother,¬†Genowefa Samotyck was born on December 29, 1895 in Radomysl, Poland. This recipe was her sister’s and I saved this recipe to make it around Easter time. Mmmm Placek.

Krusche Rogaliki – Crisp Butter Horns

Many European countries have their version of the ‘horn cookie’. It is a very simple recipe using flour, butter, and sugar and they usually contain some kind of chopped nuts.


Though I come from a family that loves hearty, meaty meatballs, I really like smooth, creamy meatballs. This recipe does the trick.

Mafalda – “Snake” Bread

Mafalda is snake-shaped bread. The sesame seeds give this bread a nutty taste. It is a firm loaf- great for cutting and spreading jams.

Stuffed Zucchini

Summertime is zucchini-time and CSA members are always trying to find another way to enjoy these versatile veggies. Traditionally, the stuffed zucchini can be cut into thirds and served as a side dish. They can also be enjoyed as a light meal.

Eat, Drink and See Williamsburg, Virginia

My husband and I have traveled to Williamsburg, VA two times. Each time was so wonderful, we could have stayed there forever. Read more about the great eats, drinks, and things to see.

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