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I love watching documentaries. One Saturday morning, I watched Islands of the Future, a documentary about islands around the world that are powering themselves and their mainlands. Fascinating. Then, I became curious. Can you buy your own island? If so, where and how reasonable are they?

Turns out, private islands are for sale all over the world. Most of us might think of owning an island in the Carribean, but what about off the coast of Ireland? Islands range in price from $29,000 to $100,000,000. Some come equipped with a house or a whole village. Flickr folks, Colin and Sarah Northway, toured this $1.7 million dollar beauty below outside Honduras, complete with working hotel.

Private island for sale

Turns out there are many celebrities who also own their own islands: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Celine Dion, Richard Branson among them. In the era of Google Earth, one has to wonder if you still achieve the kind of privacy you are looking for. There are actually enough island owners out there to elicit a yearly publication about Private Islands.

Another question is ‘Why would you want to own your own island?’ Perhaps you want to listen to Jimmy Buffet on the weekends while boating around and lounging on the beach. If so, you will always have a place to park your umbrella. Perhaps you want a place to hide during World War III. There are some appealing aspects to creating your own small country made up of just you and being Queen of it. Or maybe you just want a space to call your own and pass on to your family.

What do you need to know about owning your own island? While some islands are close to mainlands, others mean you might have to spend money on boat gas or airfare to get to your island. Let’s hope your island is big enough for a runway! Weather might be another issue, so don’t plan on a temporary structure that can’t make it through a hurricane. Most islands don’t come equipped with infrastructure, so expect to haul a generator and gas out to the island if you expect any kind of power. I am sure taxes are different everywhere, but the added cost is something to consider.

Why might you want to own an island?