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I came across M. Gemi via a Facebook ad. I was instantly obsessed with the story of the company, their dedication to traditional craftsmanship, and their loyalty to family-owned factories.


Each pair sells for around $270- well over what I normally spend on shoes. I read up on the company, looked around the site quite a bit and decided that if I passed my comps, I could purchase a pair. Well, I passed my comps and went on the site to look for the low heel black number that I spotted. Unfortunately, they were out of my size. A simple back pair of low pair of black pumps sounds easy enough to restock- except with M. Gemi. They only make a limited quantity of each shoe. I spoke with the Web assistant via chat and she added me to the returns list, but warned me- they rarely receive returns. So I waited. I waited weeks. Every Monday, new shoes are released and every Monday I checked on the site. Then, finally, a sweetheart line low-height black heel appeared. I couldn’t be any more pleased. The packaging was amazing and the craftsmanship is stellar. They fit like a glove and they look adorable.

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