Hi, I'm Leah.

In my professional life, I am a Ph.D. student finishing her dissertation, I teach, and I’m a Director of a Center for Online Learning & Innovation at a college in Western NY. I’m also married to my best friend and we have a little black lab puppy, Fiona. But this is my creative space. I’m really interested in things that make me feel connected, content, and creative. I like to travel and I am planning a second trip to Spain. I am also exploring Ayurveda as a lifestyle. Finally, I am loving Spotify and I created a few playlists that I continue to work on. Read more about what this means to me below…

I hate to fly, but I love to travel.

Some people love to travel in general. They love to visit temples in Asia, or go on a safari in Africa, or walk Machu Pichu in South America. No thank you, right now. I’m a little more particular about where I want to go. Drinking Guinness in Ireland, watching the Military Tattoo in Scotland, drinking tea in Wales, seeing the change of the guard in England, eating tapas in Spain, frolicking the lavender fields in France, visiting the towns of my ancestors in Italy, seeing the town in Austria where Erich Jantsch was born, eating pretzels during Oktoberfest in Germany, or visiting the towns of my other ancestors in Poland – all this excites me. There are simply too many things I want to see and taste in Europe to even think about traveling elsewhere right now. Local and European travel is all that you will find in my travel section, right now.

Let the music play.

Some people can ride quietly in the car or do work with nothing playing. I am not those people. Music helps keep me focus. I love listening to music when I drive to work, cook dinner, work out, or absolutely need to concentrate on a project. There is science behind this, too. Hearing is one of our strongest senses and different vibrations and tones can help us concentrate, calm our nerves or setting the mood. For this reason, I started a series of playlists. ‘Started’ because I continue to add to them nearly weekly. They are shared here. 

I like to cook.

I do not claim to be the best chef, but I like to cook. I am always trying new meals while trying to keep them things quick and healthy. During the Winter, I love crock-pot stews and roasted root vegetables. During the Summer, I love to grill on the deck with some drinks. All the while, I try to stick as close to the Ayurveda diet as possible. See the recipes here. 


41 Peacock is named after the address that my great-great grandfather lived at when he moved to Buffalo, NY from Marianopoli, Sicily in the early 1900s. I believe that Cataldo wanted more for himself and his family. I aim to carry on his spirit in this blog.