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It is no secret that I love tea. I have enough tea boxes in my house to fill a shelf at Wegmans. One combination that I am loving lately is ginger and lemon and, as it turns out, it is not a bad addiction to have. Ginger helps with digestion and activates the metabolism. Lemon is an antioxidant, detoxifies, and reduces belly bloat. Many sites claim that the lemon and ginger combination is perfect for weight loss and helps boost your immune system. Plus, it tastes good. Here are a few of the lemon and ginger teas that I’ve tried.

Jammin’ Lemon Ginger by Celestial Seasonings

You can never go wrong with the Boulder-based Celestial Seasonings. The brand promotes this tea as a digestive aid. It contains ginger, lemongrass, lemon verbena, natural lemon and ginger flavors with other natural flavors, rosehips, roasted chicory and citric acid. It’s got a little kick to it, like other teas on this list.

Lemon Ginger by Paromi

I picked up this gorgeous ceramic bottle of tea at Premier, a local store that sells fine edible goods. This tea is a little different because the base is oolong, a Chinese tea that carries properties somewhere in between black and green tea. Oolong has nutritional value and helps with inflammation. Lemon and ginger are added to the oolong, though the flavor isn’t reduced. The ginger still stands out with a nice kick at the end.

Lemon Ginger by Yogi

Yogi is a company named after Yogi Bhajan, a teacher of holistic living who served a spiced tea, lovingly nicknamed Yogi tea, to students. Included in the recipe were five traditional Ayurvedic spices: cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper. When blended and brewed, these delicious and aromatic spices leave you feeling vibrant and alive, while supporting overall well-being. Yogi always seems to throw something unexpected into their simple teas to make them more…um… earthy, aromatic, interesting? This tea is no different. The added licorice is really apparent in this tea, even though the ingredient is nowhere in the name. Like the others, this tea also supports digestion and licorice is just an added bonus that helps that effort. Others who have tried this tea say that it even has helped with PMS-related cramping. (See also Yogi’s Lemon Ginger Green Tea.)