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March is almost over- another month gone by. This month we had a big snow storm and a big wind storm. St. Patrick’s Day is a big event in my husband’s family. Every year, we meet at the Glen Park Tavern for drinks and apps and then head to my in-laws for a big dinner. There is lots of Guinness consumed. I always make snacks for people to munch on before and after dinner. This year I made this White Chocolate Lucky Charm Pretzel Mash and Leprechaun Bait. I was so excited that the bark (bait) was so easy to make that I ended up making a different batch later in the week with pretzels and leftover chocolate. It also came out amazing. I could seriously quit life and make bark all day. Some more things I am loving this month:

Constant Comment

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love tea. I drink more tea than water or anything else. Ever since I was kid, I have always loved Constant Comment. Bigelow has been making Constant Comment in Fairfield, Connecticut since 1945. It’s a ‘secret’ recipe with black tea, orange rinds, and spices. Apparently, the recipe has changed a little bit. Holy cow are there a million other people who really noticed and were really offended by this change. A warning: When people really love their tea, don’t mess with it.

Task Lists

In February, I became interested in working on organizing daily tasks. I wanted to start doing a better job of goal setting. I found an app called Strides and paid the $40 for the premium version. It allows you to set different kinds of goals (such as meeting a daily goal or goals with different phases in a time frame) and track them on a daily basis. It also comes with an app that will pop up notifications on your phone. While I think the app is cool, I can’t say that I am “loving” it or that it has been life-changing. I love the idea of goal-setting, but I know that I could do the same kind of process manually in Evernote or Google Tasks (for free). So, I will most likely discontinue my paid use of the app after this year.

I also have streamlined my meal-planning process. At the beginning of the week, I create an Evernote Note (like this) that links to the recipes. I can easily pull up this note on my phone when I get home from work so I can start cooking. At the same time, I create this note the weekend before, I also add all the ingredients to the Wegmans App. The week before, I also let Google Home know to add random things to my shopping list, that also later have to be added to the Wegmans App. (If you are Instagram and love Wegmans, take a look at following this gem– better than following the actual Wegmans.)


For those of you following my Ayurveda journey,  you know I am slowly exploring this ancient lifestyle. One aspect of the morning routine is oil pulling. Oil pulling is simply swishing oil (usually sesame or coconut oil) in the mouth for 5-20 minutes and then spitting it out in the trash. It is said to help reduce plaque and coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, hopefully preventing cavities. I came across this post that shows you how to make easy oil pulling bites. I picked up a heart candy mold at Amazon and made these easy bites with peppermint essential oil. It makes the process slightly easier!

Lastly, it is no surprise that I follow Tone it Up for daily workouts. I have an elliptical and it has been getting a wee bit boring just listening to music for my 30 minute cardio mornings. So, with a Roku attached to an old TV, I started using cycling scenery with built-in music to jazz things up. My favorite is a ride through Cotswolds, but I “rode” through Utah the other day, too. Try searching YouTube for “virtual scenery” or “cycling scenery” and you’ll pull up plenty of options.

That’s all for this month. Stay tuned for April.