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And, April is over. This month was a tough one. We canceled our trip to Spain because I wasn’t sure if I would get my dissertation draft in. I did, though, this past weekend. This dissertation has been years in the making and I am so excited to almost be done with my Ph.D., mainly because I am excited to move on to new research and DIY projects. This Summer, I am excited to grow and dry some herbs and I can’t wait to learn to can my extras from our CSA share. A sad point about this month being over is having to hand little Fiona back to the breeder for training for 2 months. She going to learn various commands while she is there and learn to be an adventure dog. We won’t get to see her for to train with her for 6 weeks, and that is sad. Here are some things I am loving lately:

Google Drive

I can’t say enough about Google Drive. I have been working with it for years, but it was a lifesaver during my dissertation. I was able to let different readers comment and make suggestions on my docs. I was able to access my work from anywhere, which meant being able to work when the time was available. I used comments on the docs to tell myself when I left off, and I built in easy tables of contents at the top of each doc. When it came time to compile the final draft, I simply copied and pasted my individual chapters into one doc.

My Maps

I have been addicted to the new Google My Maps for planning trips for a while. This year, we canceled a trip to Spain and rebooked a domestic trip to Williamsburg. This will be my second time at Williamsburg. The last trip we took was one of our favorite vacations. It was just so easy and so lovely. The food was great, the hotel staff was friendly, and there was so much to do. I have been planning all the places I want to go on this My Map.

The Mind of a Chef

My hubby and I have been binging big time on The Mind of a Chef, a show about chefs who love food, and narrated by Anthony Bourdain. We are currently watching season 2 with Chef Sean Brock, who has an infectious laugh and an incomparable love for Southern ingredients. He appreciates the people who raise the pigs, save the seeds, and archive the rice.

Bikini Series

I’ve been following the Tone It Up ladies for years and have participated in the Bikini Series several times before. This year I am looking to kick it back in gear now that my draft is off. It also sucks that I weight the mostI have ever weighed- sedentary jobs aren’t awesome. The Bikini Series is awesome because the workouts and the diet already planned for you. I wake up, work out, and know what I am eating every day. The most challenging part of it is eating around the 8 birthdays and holidays we have in May and June, as well as trying to get my hubby to not get take out or go out to eat every night. The grill definitely helps. Most nights are grilled veggies and protein.

That’s all for this month. Stay tuned for May.