Busiate – Sicilian Noodles

Busiate are a classic Sicilian pasta shape. They are named after ‘busa’, or a knitting needle because many families used knitting needles to roll the noodles.

Spiced Sweet Ricotta Ravioli

Many traditional Sicilian kinds of wheat are at risk of disappearing because farmers are abandoning them for more profitable varieties. This recipe features homemade ravioli made with traditional Sicilian flours and cheeses. Delicious!

Simple Passata Tomato Sauce

This recipe is for a basic passata sauce. Passata is an uncooked tomato puree strained of seeds and chunks. It is unlike tomato sauce or paste because it hasn’t been cooked.

Sfincione – Sicilian Pizza

As I found out, Sfincione is somewhat of a tomato pie with a thick bread crust and a thick layer of a sauce/breadcrumb mix on top of it.

Strawberry Thyme Jam

I started working on my ancestry about a year and a half ago. I am still going strong. I continue to discover new things about my relatives and new sources of information. I don't think anyone can really be done with a project like this. There are too many online...

Cashew Ashwagandha Smoothie

I have been doing my best to research helpful spices and incorporate them more into my diet. Ashwagandha is the number one herb recommended in Ayurvedic healing. It belongs to the same plant family as the tomato and has a red fruit the size of a raisin. Although it...

Makki Ki Roti (a gluten-free answer to flatbread)

More and more people in my family are turning to a gluten-free lifestyle. It is sad that these individuals can't partake in eating Naan bread - the small slice of heaven on earth. Makki Ki Roti is an alternative. This simple recipe uses cornmeal and water as a base...

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