Margarita Cocktail

On the first sunny, warm day of Spring, you too may be craving a margarita. While your local Mexican restaurant may serve their margarita to you using a mix, you can make your own skinny version at home with fresh and quality ingredients – no sugar needed.

Roasted Chicken

Besides wanting to document this recipe, it is also a great one to culminate our trip to Charleston. It presents a healthier way to enjoy its traditional fried friend.

Polish Goulash

My grandmother, Genevieve Zawisza, was born on February 6, 1916. This is one of my grandmother’s recipes. It goes great over egg noodles or rice (my preference).


My great-grandmother, Genowefa Samotyck was born on December 29, 1895 in Radomysl, Poland. This recipe was her sister’s and I saved this recipe to make it around Easter time. Mmmm Placek.

Polish Sourdough Rye Bread

This recipe is fitting to highlight someone in my family who helped to lay the foundations of the buildings people in my community live in. This recipe is a variation of a 90-year old Polish woman’s recipe, so you know it is good and authentic!

Eat, Drink, and See – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico was an unknown dream come true. I love tile. I love Spanish mission furniture. I love turquoise. I love Spanish tin art. I love religious iconography. This little town had it all.

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