Polish Sourdough Rye Bread

This recipe is fitting to highlight someone in my family who helped to lay the foundations of the buildings people in my community live in. This recipe is a variation of a 90-year old Polish woman’s recipe, so you know it is good and authentic!

Kasha Varieties

In Poland and in many other parts of Central Europe, Kasha is a dish of grains boiled in water or milk,  like a porridge. Usually, kasha is made with buckwheat groats, but the term 'kasha' simply means the groats. Kasha varieties also come in millet, oat, wheat, and...

Krusche Rogaliki – Crisp Butter Horns

Many European countries have their version of the ‘horn cookie’. It is a very simple recipe using flour, butter, and sugar and they usually contain some kind of chopped nuts.


Though I come from a family that loves hearty, meaty meatballs, I really like smooth, creamy meatballs. This recipe does the trick.

Eat, Drink, and See – Glacier National Park, Montana

The train pulled up, right out front of Glacier Park Lodge. The lodge was built in 1913 by the Glacier Park Company, a subsidiary of the Great Northern Railway and is located on Glacier National Park, in Montana’s Rocky Mountains.

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